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Published by jamdog on 19th July, 2013.

Wimbledon coverage 2013 review


A couple of weeks have passed now, tempers have cooled and there’s been time for calm reflection. Aerial Telly is in the perfect position to talk about the Wimbledon coverage of 2013 because he didn’t watch any of it. Too many people are swayed by their subjective interpretations of the “broadcast” itself but he won’t allow that. Of course he has watched it in the past but the fact is that tennis is a terrible sport to watch and that no amount of analysis,  punditry or insight can help it.

Because unlike football or boxing tennis is theoretically infinite. You can be stuck in a deuce or final set turd joust forever, something John Isner and Nicolas Mahut
seemed determined to prove in 2010 like some shit modern day myth of Sisyphus. Most tennis matches have a mini version of this hateful to-and-fro. It’s a sport that won’t acknowledge its own mortality. That alone makes it unbearable.

For this reason the criticism of Garry Richardson‘s outrageous (i.e. not outrageous at all) inturdview of Andy Murray and John Inverdale‘s crass throwaway comment misses the point. The point is tennis is finished as a serious sport and not even McEnroe can save it. Poo Barker, Rim Henman, Doris Fecker whoever – moving deckchairs around on the Titanic. Front if you want, kid, but the simple fact will remain that lawn tennis is as shot as a blonde girl who just rowed with Oscar Pistorius.

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Wimbledon coverage 2013
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