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Veronica Mars Season Three finale review

Published by jamdog on 23rd May, 2007.

 Veronica Mars Season Three finale review

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The chances are that this was the last ever episode of Veronica Mars and that would be a desperately sad loss for TV. I’ve loved this show since its darkly funny pilot and watched its brilliance go ignored for three seasons. Who knows why some shows capture the public’s imagination and others don’t? When you see the drivel The X Files and Sex and the City churned out season after season to their pod people acolytes it makes you despair of the viewer when they don’t get turned on to a show as good as Veronica Mars. What’s telling is that the people who like Veronica Mars really liked it. The small following it had were hugely dedicated and an unusually sophisticated bunch. For Joss Whedon it was the “best show ever”, for Kevin Smith it was ”hands down the best show on the TV right now”. And for Aerial Telly it was a glorious doomed romance with teen detective noir that showed him he could love again. For this, he is forever grateful.

The final Monster of the Week was a secret campus society who filmed a sexual encounter between Veronica and Piz. Piz is the nice guy borefriend that Buffy would date before ditching him for a roll in the sack with a vampire because she liked a bit of monster in her man. And when Logan beat up a man for her in the canteen the look on her face showed a response that the likes of Piz could never elicit. Veronica wreaks an impressive revenge on the society busting their secrets out of Jake Kane‘s hard drive – a lifetime’s worth of blackmail material. Once again, Veronica, the friend of the oppressed, socks it to the rich and powerful.

It finished with Veronica walking through Neptune streets in the rain having voted for her father in the Sheriff election. But Neptune is a dirty old town that never deserved somebody like Keith Mars as a Sheriff. It never deserved its prosperity or the girl genius Veronica.

And you “people” who didn’t watch certainly never deserved her either.

The best thing about it: Veronica and Keith – wonderfully played father-daughter relationship.

The worse thing about it: Its longevity problem.

The verdict on Veronica Mars Season Three finale: The good die young.

Marks out of 10: 9

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