The Trip to Italy episode 4 review

The Trip to Italy episode 4 review | Rome

Published by jamdog on 25th April, 2014.

 The Trip to Italy episode 4 review


The Trip to Italy reaches the capital in this the fourth episode to nobody’s surprise everyone drives like a cunt. Rob‘s up for the part of a Mafiosi in a Michael Mann film and he practices with Alba the hot receptionist as Steve films it on his iPad. “A sprinkling of Al Pacino would be good” comments Steve “But do you really want to do an impersonation?” Well clearly he does Coogan, STFU. Rob gets kissed on the mouth by Alba as a completely legitimate part of the reading. For the lower status one in the partnership he’s certainly getting his share of trim on this trip.

The ghost of pussy past haunts Steve though when Yolanda the photographer he fucked turns up with his assistant Emma. To continue the poetry theme of the series they stay in rooms above the Keats-Shelley Memorial House. As they eat Emma announces she is expecting so it’s an opportune time to ruminate on the dead baby conveyor belt that was the Shelleys’ marriage. As quick as Mary could squeeze them out nature snuffed them. Emma is grateful for modern obstetrics but they’re not done with death yet. They visit Shelley’s stinky grave as Rob Anthony Hopkins his way through some verses.

Hot Lucy from the boat gives Rob a ring to say she’s missing him. She wants to hook up again. There’s significant evidence he would not be averse to that and who would blame him? Probably his wife but has she ever been male, abroad, lonely and hit on by a pretty girl? In the certain knowledge that it will never, ever, ever happen again? So she can make like Coogan and STFU.

The verdict: La Dolce Eater

Marks out of 10: 7.5

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