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Aerial Telly: Top 30 TV Shows of 2011

Published by jamdog on 20th December, 2011.


Top 30 TV Shows of 2011

It’s you, it’s you – it’s all for you. By which I mean me.

2011 has been an exciting time for TV. It was the year in which Showtime finally lost its damn mind with heavy-handed nause off Episodes, dreary period piece The Borgias and a season of Dexter so toxically poor it could strip paint. No Blowtime shows in this top 30 – they fell the fuck off. The awesomeness of Justified and Breaking Bad could not be measured and it took a pitch perfect debut season from Lame of Blownes to nudge these two out by the narrowest of margins.

Only a third of these are British shows and three of those are imports and that’s because British TV sucked balls. Stymied by an addiction to flatlining reality TV formats and Cooking LOL! concepts that led to shitty TV and even shittier fish-in-a-barrel TV criticism, British television in 2011 was characterised by cowardice, stupidity and a poverty of aspiration that made early Channel 5 look cutting edge. Channel 5, incidentally, get props for bringing boxing back to terrestrial TV where only the mentally ill and morally catatonic would disagree it belongs.

Aerial Telly sees all time in an instant and knows exactly what’s going on. He knows there is a project afoot to cynically degrade all that is good about television. He knows its fellow travellers and he knows their stilo. They will not prevail. They do not have the nuts and they do not have the chops.

Aerial Telly forever – reality cooking fish barrel scum never.

And to his loyal readers he says: Happy Christmas, fuckheads. I hope your poultry gives you HPV.

See you in 2012.

1. Game of Thrones, HBO
2. Breaking Bad, AMC
3. Justified, Fx
4. Louie, Fx
5. The Good Wife, CBS
6. Homeland, Fox
7. Awkward, MTV
8. Community, NBC
9. The Killing, BBC Four
10. Parks and Recreation, NBC
11. Archer, Fx
12. Mongrels, BBC Three
13. Fresh Meat, Channel 4
14. Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, Starz
15. Scott and Bailey, ITV1
16. Sons of Anarchy, Fx
17. We Need To Talk About Dad, Channel 4
18. Luther, BBC One
19. The Walking Dead, AMC
20. Modern Family, ABC
21. Spiral, BBC Four
22. Boardwalk Empire, HBO
23. Revenge, ABC
24. The Slap, BBC Four
25. Boxing, Channel 5
26. Downton Abbey, ITV1
27. Braquo, Fx
28. New Girl, Fox
29. The Ricky Gervais Show, HBO
30. Campus, Channel 4



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