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Salamander BBC4 episode 3 review | Faking the monk

Published by jamdog on 13th February, 2014.

 Salamander BBC4 episode 3 review

BBC Four

Previously on Salamander: everybody said “well, this isn’t exactly The Bridge is it?”

Paul parlays with Brother Carl, a former police brother of his he helped out of a tight spot a couple of years back when he plugged an innocent Moroccan. Paul shows Carl a letter to Senator Guy Rasenberg thanking him for some seedy cover-up of a hit-and-run accident by a minor. The sender? Why it’s Honore Dekeyser, Commissioner of Direct Taxes. Time for a visit to Casa Rasenberg.

Although the man of the house isn’t around Mrs Rasenberg couldn’t be more accommodating. She tells Gerardi about the creepy monthly meetings all the Salamander gorms have and even covers for him when the senator comes home. I like this broad. She also slips him her number for them to chat further. That almost certainly means she’s wormfood in the very near future and that seems a shame.

She slips him her number. That almost certainly means she’s wormfood in the very near future.

Meanwhile the enigmatic Joachim Klaus continues with his LOL!blackmailing antics, sending a parcel to one P Laridon Minister of the Interior. When Laridon gets the package he’s not best pleased – love letters straight from the heart. From some tart. He gets a phone call from his tormentor. “I can’t do that!” he blusters. What can’t he do? WHAT?

Back in Persigal‘s shite Tower of Power he has unearthed the truth about Gerardi covering for brother Carl. There’s something else at the bottom of the dossier that makes he and Vic both laugh. “A man can be so weak can’t?” cackles Persigal. Yes he can! Ahahahahaha! You crack me right up, Persigal.

It turns out Carl was banging Sarah for a few weeks and when Vic blindsides the monk and puts the squeeze on him he uses the knowledge as leverage to smoke out Gerardi. Carl is left with little choice and he sets out to drive his old pal into the arms of the enemy. But Paul didn’t get where he is today by trusting a man in a dress. He rumbles the plan just in time and pistol whips Carl out of the game.

And you know what? This gets less interesting with each episode.

The verdict: Brothers gonna work it out.

Marks out of 10: 5

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