Rectify season 2 episode 7 review

Rectify season 2 episode 7 review | Pill distemper

Published by jamdog on 1st August, 2014.

Rectify season 2 episode 7 review


After a night tripping balls hallucinating Trey and George, Killer Dan sets off to see Trey in the flesh. He wants to tell Trey that there are no hard feelings and he does it by saying “no hard feelings” to him – an on-the-nose declaration that seems to do the trick. Dan asks after George Melton, currently a mobile takeaway meal for the catfish in the creek. It sure would be nice to catch up with Georgie so they decide to head down to his house in Florida to have it out with him. “Yeah, don’t mind me” says George, 50 feet away looking like the skeleton in biology class “I’m fine over here”.

Road trip! Trey is packing heat. I mean you would wouldn’t you, in a confined space with Killer Dan for several hours. When they get to George’s he’s not in so after a swift break-and-enter they get to popping his pill stash while listening to thrash metal. It’s just like the old days.

“Yeah, don’t mind me” says George 50 feet away looking like the skeleton in biology class.

Off their tits on hillbilly pharma it’s a good time for the boys to reminisce. Trey tells him that Hanna was a bitch and also a slut. Furthermore, Daniel did not sex with her consensual or otherwise – he was unable to get wood. When he said “no hard feelings” he wasn’t kidding.  Trey knows all this because Hanna told him, right before he and George went down and fucked her into the middle of the following week. Well that’s new.

And yet he goes on to say “I sure as hell don’t believe you didn’t do it”. This double negative volte-face makes everyone a right Mister Confused. “It’s fucking freezing over here” says George through chattering teeth. “Shut the FUCK up!” scream Trey and Dan in unison.

Meanwhile back in Thrifty Town Amantha gets mildly pissy with a stupid cash-only tub and to blot out the trauma she gets stoned with a co-worker in the car park right after. Once thoroughly baked they go to harass Teddy for Mars bars at Rigs for Jigs (sales to date: 0). If this is Paulie’s party scene you can make a decent case for Hanna’s death being an unusually determined suicide.

The DA ain’t trying to hear that though and she talks plea deal with Liberal John. Another 10 years in the can is the upshot. John cites the DNA. The DA cites the fact that Daniel did it, confessed to it and then fucked up a perfectly good kitchen. It’s food for thought, even for Liberal John – a man who would gladly release every mass killer and rapist in the penal system just on the off chance that they might not do it again.

It could be even worse for Dan if Sheriff Dagnabit and Senator Fuckes have their way. They visit Teddy to persuade him to testify to Daniel’s assault upon his person but Ted is a stand-up guy who refuses to give up his stepbrother.

He looks uncomfortable as they leave as would you with 49 coffee beans lodged up your rectum. Can Killer Dan escape justice for 7 more days? Tune in next week to find out.

The verdict: That’s super, Ted.

Marks out of 10: 8

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