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Published by jamdog on 4th July, 2014.

 Rectify season 2 episode 2 review


I’ll tell you motherfuckers this much: Killer Dan is spinning out this near fatal brain injury for all it’s worth. Sleep, sleep, sleep is all he does. I’ll tell you who’s a livewire though. Ted Junior. He’s seen the future of the tire business and it’s in rim rental. He evangelises to Ted senior about the public’s craving for automotive bling but the old boy ain’t trying to hear about Pimp My Ride. “We sell tires” he correctly notes and Junior is left to crunch the numbers in the store long into the night while at home his wife faps over her incredible connection with Daniel.

In fact, Tawney can’t stop talking about Killer Dan. She mentions him at her God bothering Life Group and her attractive friend Kay gives her props. Those Christian girls are hot for Dan and they want to know all about her bad boy lover. The whole thing turns her on so much she can’t help but tell her husbland how much she wanted Daniel to put his cock in her. But what if he wakes up a vegetable snarks Ted “slobbering and shitting”? Tawney has no problem with that. I bet Ted hates ObamaCare even more now.

Over on Paulie’s thriving Bourbon and melancholy scene Bobby Dean is drinking and urinating in public again. His buddy Jake worries that he’ll fuck around and get the whole label sent up for years with his public display of conscience and stinky piss. Jake socks him in the jaw when he gets sassy. They forego pissing on him for old times’ sake.

Jake socks him in the jaw when he gets sassy. They forego pissing on him for old times’ sake.

But it’s clear that his days of freedom are numbered. Even Paulie law enforcement aren’t so stupid they can’t track down a dumbass like Bobby and after harassing Miss Wade to let her son Stevie testify Sheriff Daggett applauds as the youngster fingers Bobby Dean as the man he saw leading the cemetery beatdown. He’ll be doing his pissing on his sister’s murderer from behind the bars of the state prison from now on, quite possibly with Mister Wendall bumming him.

In an entirely different state some granny killing piece of shit called Hollis is getting executed (hurray!) Daniel’s shitty lawyer Jon visits him, wiping Amantha‘s snatch juice off his face as he arrives. He’s there to attend the inmate’s last meal so he’s not around when doctors wake Daniel up. It’s a moving moment and it’s all Amantha can do to look hot and be annoying

In other news Killer Trey visits George Melton‘s pops asking about George‚Äôs whereabouts. “I imagine he’s still in that creek you pushed him into” is exactly what Pops does not say. But he does murmurs cryptically about “one bad choice” as Trey leaves.

I don’t think he’s talking about those drapes.

The verdict: A dreaded sunny day so I’ll meet you at the cemetery gates.

Marks out of 10: 8

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