Prey ITV episode 3 review

Prey ITV episode 3 review | Die another day

Published by jamdog on 12th May, 2014.

 Prey ITV episode 3 review

As we enter the Prey finale it seems that getting knocked unconscious by Marcus has made Reinhardt rethink her stance on his guilt. So according to ITV smacking a woman hard in the face will bring her to her senses. “He’s such a renegade dreamboat” she purrs “How could he off his wife and kid, however annoying Max was and he was very annoying?” Her campaign to discover the truth of the murders is stymied by Andrea denying Marcus ever gave her the disk she carbonised, the little liar. She also implies he’s a mental (fair enough actually). Marcus meanwhile spends his time robbing charity boxes for kicks and talking to his remaining son Chris from Homeland so he can murder him as well. When he finally gets a phone chat with Andrea she’s all “what disk? Bwahahahaha!” and he realises that she and Devlin set him up – the nerve! “Prove it” she says. Well yeah, that’s kind of the point, skank. These people.

To cut a long borey short it was Andrea who killed Hassan and stuck him on the moors in a sick tribute to her hero and style icon Myra Hindley. Hassan rumbled her when she was undercover and gave her the kind of life-threatening pasting Liza Minnelli dished out to confirmed heterosexual husbland David Gest during their “marriage” prompting Andrea to take out a revenge hit on him.

It was Andrea who killed Hassan and stuck him on the moors in a sick tribute to her hero and style icon Myra Hindley.

So she whacked the wife and kid then yeah? Not quite. We flashback to the night and young Lomax gets surprised by Max who falls down the stairs and brains himself on the computurd. Then Lomax has to kill the mother as well to shut her stupid mouth. He confesses to burglary but says Farrow did the bad murder. Yeah, you keep sticking to that one son.

Andrea and Marcus arrange a meeting at Devlin’s. “Things went wrong” she graciously admits demonstrating a hitherto undiscovered gift for understatement. The big reveal is that on the night that Andrea got fucked up by Hassan Devlin was not backing up his partner because he was banging Marcus’s wife. That was on the case files on the disks . He’s also probably Max’s father which would explain why he’s been drinking (celebrating avoiding the child support – well dodged, sir).

Andrea hands Marcus a gun to shoot Devlin for sticking it to his wife but when he won’t she plugs the useless twat herself. She’s looking to frame Marcus again but Reinhardt steps in to stop it before it gets ridiculous. Andrea blows her own head off, the best decision she’s made for a while.

Marcus is reunited with Finn and everyone is all “yeah, we knew you never done it mate”. He did punch that wall though. No one ever remembers the wall.

The verdict: High drama, Lomax.

Marks out of 10: 7.5

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