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Mayweather Pacquiao betting preview

Published by jamdog on 21st February, 2015.


OK shitcake bakers get this: Manny Pacquiao is the greatest fighter that ever lived but Floyd Mayweather beats him

Since he took the momentous decision to share his handicapping genius with the world Aerial Telly has publicly posted 16 bets and won an unprecedented 13 of them. There isn’t a boxing handicapper on the planet who can match this. Of his three so-called alleged “losses” one was caused by Margarito having a horseshoe in his gloves, one by the judges stiffing Winky Wright and one by Turdmain Failure being the worst bastard in the history of forever. He invites you to download his betting record in spreadsheet form so you can see exactly how much you make off his back through £100 on each fight. £612.57 from £1600 stakes equalling 38.29 % yield. Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints you’re lucky to have him. And now he tells you months in advance that Floyd Mayweather to beat Manny Pacquiao at 1.87 is one of the bets of the century. And he breaks it down a little something like this.

Bigger. Floyd Mayweather will be the bigger fighter come fight night. Not just in weight but dimensionally with a 5 inch reach advantage and 2 inch height advantage. This means that if Floyd chooses to keep Manny on the end of his jab and fight a range war he has an instant natural advantage.

Southpaw dynamics. The best weapon against a southpaw like Pacquiao is the straight right hand which happens to be Mayweather’s best punch. The second best weapon against a southpaw is the left hook which also happens to be a very strong part of Mayweather’s arsenal.

Pacquiao and Marquez. It is well documented that the fighter who has given Pacquiao most problems is Juan Manuel Marquez. He won more rounds than Pacquiao in their two fights and only drew and lost because of the four knockdowns he suffered. And many, Aerial Telly included, believe he won the second fight. He gave Pacquiao trouble by being a tough, accurate counterpuncher and Mayweather is a better counterpuncher than Marquez. He is a bigger and better version of the fighter who has given Manny more difficulty than any other.

Case for the defence. Mayweather has a good shout to be the best defensive fighter in the history of the sport. He makes good fighters look silly. Manny is a fighter who needs to get into a rhythm and Mayweather slipping, blocking and countering all night will not allow him to do this.

Legacy. Mayweather will come into this fight, as he always does, immaculately prepared and in phenomenal condition. But moreso this time because this fight means more for his legacy than it does to Pacquiao’s. If Pacquiao loses people will say “he came from 106lbs to lose to one of the best fighters who ever lived who was bigger than him”. If Floyd loses people will say “he lost to the first true great he ever fought”. He needs this more than Pacquiao does.

Summing up, Manny is incredible but Floyd Mayweather has everything you need to beat him. Even if he didn’t have the weight, height and reach advantages he would have the style to give Manny fits. If you genetically engineered a fighter to beat Manny Pacquiao he would come out looking like Floyd Mayweather. He always adapts to any style and always finds a way to win. He will beat Manny Pacquiao.

And 1.87? Lunatic price. Make Pinnacle pay for their reckless folly.

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Mayweather Pacquiao betting preview
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