Mammon series 1 episode 1 review

Mammon series 1 episode 1 review | Hydro therapy

Published by jamdog on 1st April, 2014.

 Mammon series 1 episode 1 review |Hydro therapy
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If you’ve done the knowledge in Nordic Noir then Mammon will be very familiar territory.  At Norwegian newspaper Aftenavisen shitbird journalist Peter Verås (Jon Øigarden) snuffles around in dark corners to uncover molto conspiracy in evil multinational Hydro.  He gets to really fuck over the cuntpany’s finance director Daniel Verås (Anders T. Andersen) who, in a tale of the unexpected, is Peter’s own brother. Peter was able to comprehensively shaft his brother Daniel by fostering a deep cover mole inside the organisation: his brother Daniel. Confused? Peter certainly is but he’s not getting any answers from Daniel after he pops a cap in his own heid leaving him deid. Those guys – I tell you. Always trying to get one over on each other. Talk about wanting the final word! #lad

Over at the Feds’ Financial Crime Unit, analyst Vibeke Haglund (Lena Kristin Ellingsen) has the strange feeling she is under surveillance, having her computer hacked, being followed. That’s probably because she is being surveilled and that’s probably because she is investigating the many-headed beast Hydro. Having run into Peter when the Feds ransacked Aftenavisen’s cuntputer files she touches base with him to do some information pooling. She, like he, suspects the rabbit hole goes much deeper than anyone dare countenance.

Five years down the line and those rascals Aftenavisen are at it again – gearing up to take down another embezzling businessman Age Haugen. Peter would love to honour the memory of his brother by destroying another bent executive’s life but he’s too busy on sports detail reporting the Vaalerenga vs Storhamar ice hockey match. Weird thing though. Daniel’s widow Eva (Ingjerd Egeberg) gets a visit from an uppity solicitor carrying out Daniel’s pre-mortem instructions. Soliciturd delivers a trunk to be opened in Peter’s presence. It contains frogman gear, a map and a date and time: 22nd October 3 PM with a promise that they will find answers there. Cryptic bastard.

They find an answer alright – as long as the question is “what’s shit, suicidal, travelling at 80 miles an hour and plummeting into a lake?”

They find an answer alright – as long as the question is “what’s shit, suicidal, travelling at 80 miles an hour and plummeting into a lake?” The answer being: soon-to-be-buttfucked businessman Age Haugen. Having been saved by Peter twatting about in a wetsuit he pulls a gun on Peter and Eva. “Abraham! Abraham!” he bellows “You don’t know anything”. And with that he shoots himself in the mouth. The shot doesn’t kill him – the massive blood loss through the gaping exit wound does though. A lot of fucking use he was. “Abraham”? Does this look like the Smurfs motherfucker?

Looks alright, this. The idea of businessmen committing suicide in ritual formation is obviously beguiling and Lord alone knows what the big picture is but they’ve set things up nicely in this brisk opener. One thing is for certain: In the socialist nightmare of Norway all business is sinister and can’t wait for the first opportunity to drive you right over a cliff.

The verdict: Grace Kelly driving school.

Marks out of 10: 7.5

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