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Published by jamdog on 12th March, 2014.


Previously on Line of Duty: Denton got done. A TON. It’s not over for her yet. When they ragdoll her out of the boot of the car in an underground car park Manish Boy Prasad and Jeremy Cole are rather keen to know what she’s told anticorruption. But what with the abduction, the bumpy car ride and the burned lobster claws she’s not really in the talking mood. And so like many Guantanamo Bay inmates before her Squealey gets waterboarded. She splutters out that she fingered Dryden – no, not like that – although… Just then, matters take a strange turn when Manish fatally brains Jeremy with a monkey wrench helpfully explaining to Squealey and the viewers that it was for being a liability since the e-fit. Nice exposition Manish! He may be a cop killing baby rapist but he has his priorities straight.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said for his spinal column after Squealey jumps in a motor and cripples the cunt by crushing him against the wall. “Women drivers!” he jokes to distract himself from the unbearable agony. It doesn’t work. A bit of car torture later and she’s recorded a confession that she texts to Kate with the subject line: Get a load of this fucking guy…

Squealey jumps in a motor and cripples the cunt by crushing him against the wall. “Women drivers!” he jokes.

Remarkably Manish survives the tangle with Squealey’s car and while this is a bit of a blow for her Steve gets her bail under house arrest so no more shit stroganoff for her. Manish meanwhile is very cocky for a crippled paedophile looking at 300 consecutive life sentences. In return for testifying against Dryden he demands full immunity and witness protection. Hasn’t he seen what happens to protected witnesses on this show? These people.

When the inevitable arrest of Dryden comes he doesn’t take it well. He takes the photos of him getting his cock sucked by Carly in his car even less well and the one of Carly’s mashed up body even worse. He tries to Clinton his way out of admitting the affair with Squealey demanding a precise definition of “sexual relations” from Kate who is happy to supply one. After much thought he concedes “I shagged her a couple of times – she was a bunny boiler – I moved on”. Yeah alright mate – give it up. We know it’s you.

And yet he insists “someone is setting me up”. Weirdly, it sounds convincing. And when Steve peruses Squealey’s medical records he sees a recent termination of pregnancy. A suspicious man might think that was grounds for setting up a senior police officer who had caused said pregnancy. What on God’s green earth…?

The finale arrives next week. A nation foams.

The verdict: Dot’s still got shifty looks am I right?

Marks out of 10: 8.5

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