Lewis series 8 episode 2 | Entry wounds (part 2) review

Lewis series 8 episode 2 | Entry wounds (part 2) review

Published by jamdog on 16th October, 2014.

Lewis series 8 episode 2 | Entry wounds (part 2) review

You know what they say: ballistics don’t lie. Except when they do and in the case of the animal killing neurosurgeon and his shit mate they lie like Oscar Pistorius when he says “it’s not true my lady”. The “bullet” from Dead Tom‘s gun was faked with a swimming pool and a bowl of jelly which is pretty amazing if you think about it. That 8 foot tall monstrosity Hathaway concludes that Dead Tom was framed and then killed in that classic framing-killing combo we are all so familiar with.

Over in the Sira household it’s Nabeel‘s 18th birthday. Happy birthday Nabeel! His parents are celebrating by lying about their alibi but it’s fine because Ayesha and Rizwan were just busy setting up a birthday surprise for their beloved son: his immediate death. They love euthanizing wrong ‘uns in the Netherlands and Ma and Pa were hooking up with a Dutch lawyer to set that plan in motion. Nabeel overhears and is all “WTF, dude? I get to shit in a nappy, spend all day in bed, get baths from hot agency nurses and you’re sending me to the glue factory? Happy fucking birthday to you and all.” Fortunately he can’t talk so he can eat a dick (as long as it’s liquidised first).

Fortunately Nabeel can’t talk so he can eat a dick (as long as it’s liquidised first).

In a surprising revelation we learn it’s Lorraine the scrub nurse behind the anti-Alistair webshite, a project she took on in defence of her mom Juliet Bravo. Bent coppers really are the worst. Lorraine always was a little too fixated on Stokes. Not for nothing is she known in theatre as the Backseat Surgeon.

And in a semi-interesting footnote she also killed both Stokes and Dead Tom. She did it to protect her patients by killing the one man who could save their lives. “It was very quick – very humane” she says which seems certain to play well with the jury at the trial. Justice is going to give her a serious buttfucking. Not for nothing she known in theatre as the Backdoor Surgeon.

That gangly BFG calamity Hathaway tells Lewis he’ll be happy to work with him again. That’s probably for the best with several episodes left.

The verdict: Guns don’t kill people nurses do.

Marks out of 10: 7.5

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