This is the Ladbrokes Life

Ladbrokes advert review: This is the Ladbrokes Life

Published by jamdog on 16th May, 2014.



Those dickless pieces of shit at Ladcrooks have long since closed Aerial Telly‘s online account. Over a five year reign of terror he put the kind of life-threatening beating on the chumps that Lindsey “You Can Go Your Own Way (to accident and emergency)” Buckingham put on Stevie Nicks during their ten-year Khmer Rouge of a relationshit. Ladbrokes are the worst people in the universe as they show every day in their shops, on their website, in their marketing and in their disgusting lobbying against the government’s tax on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals  (betting’s crystal meth). Scumcunts from top to toe.

So their latest advert aimed at showing that betting is “exciting, social and full of interesting characters” has obviously got winning written through it like Brighton rock. The five archetypes of betting men gamble, drink and twat about together. The Believer (long odds punter), Generous John (“he knows betting’s a team sport”. Really? How? Given that it’s not and everything), Mr. Brightside (optimist), The Professor (shrewdie) and The Gut Truster (cunt).

“They are the dreamers, the glory seekers, the back page philosophers” says the narrator and of course this is a wish list as much as it is a description. The art of running a book is to get equal action both sides of the line but being the flat track bully, addict fleecing, lobbying whores they are Ladcrooks close down winning accounts because it would actually mean them having to do some real bookmaking.

They know their punters as all dope dealers do but guess what Ladcrooks? I see you. I know what you are and soon everyone will know.


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Ladbrokes advert review: This is the Ladbrokes Life
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