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Published by jamdog on 31st October, 2014.

 Kingdom season 1 episode 2 review


The good news is that Nate didn’t die when those gangbangers wailed on him. The bad news is he looks like a girlfriend of Lindsey Buckingham who’s just talked back. He doesn’t remember a thing about the pounding which Jay is finding incredibly frustrating because this is really all about him. He’s considering knocking the beach bum lifestyle on the head to get back in the ring but having burned molto bridges with promoters for his shitheel son in the past Alvey is understandably reluctant to go down that path. The gym is already haemorrhaging money like Evander Holyfield at a baby momma-baby father convention. Having his fuckup spawn back in the game is exactly what he doesn’t need.

The gym is already haemorrhaging money like Evander Holyfield at a baby momma-baby father convention

Over at the halfway house Wheeler steals and hides Keith the fat retard‘s teddy bear keyring for reasons that are not entirely clear. Maybe he’s using it to hide drugs or just really hates fat retards? Or perhaps he just misses rolling around the octagon in his panties with a grown man? That’s what Alvey reckons and even though Wheeler tells him jail beat the fight out of him he’ll think about it. In the meantime he self harms with a kitchen knife. Well, someone had to.

Those investors from the first episode drop $20,000 into Lisa’s lap just like that. They love Alvey, dig Nate and have a wide on the size of the Hoover Dam for Ryan but she tells them to expect nothing from him. She badly wants Wheeler to put his cock in her again and is doing a terrible job of disguising it.

In other news we meet Mac Sullivan Alvey’s Doctor Feelgood hGH provider. He slams the junk up Alvey’s arse and Lisa is understandably jealous. The only person violating her borefriend’s anus should be her. She’s trying to keep a tight rein on the gym’s finances but when you marry into the clusterfuck of a family like the Kulinas you learn the serenity to accept the things you can’t change which in this case is everything because they’re a crew of worthless meatheads.

Good luck with that audit, doll.

The verdict: KO1.

Marks out of 10: 7.5

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