KFC Christmas advert 2013 review

KFC Christmas advert 2013 review

Published by jamdog on 23rd December, 2013.

KFC Christmas advert 2013 review

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KFC have made an anti-Christmas advert which, as far as anyone cared, was not what we were expecting. KFC’s connection with Christmas is as tenuous as Cornholeius Bumrage‘s claim to be a serious contender at 154. The advert features scrapping moms in toy stores and householder-carol singer stand-offs brought together by the great taste of KFC.

Several things worth saying here. Firstly, KFC is a great taste – you hate life, America and yourself if you say otherwise. Secondly, KFC have the worst staff of any fast food chain, small or large, factual or fictional (making them worse than Gus Fring from Los Pollos Hermanos). They make the ladies from De La Soul’s Bitties in the BK Lounge seem like employee of the month material.

But after every “what the fuck?” an advert provokes there’s always the question “why?” Is this bleak heavy-handed satire from the architects of the chicken Holocaust intended to appeal to a previously untapped demographic of hard-boiled blackhearted chicken chompers disillusioned by Christmas nausery? As Aerial Telly has written before KFC punters are no strangers to the company’s cynicism but that doesn’t mean they reflect it.

It seems like an expensive waste of time making it (against KFC’s worst intentions) the most Christmassy advert out there.

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