Glue E4 episode one review.

Glue E4 episode one review | My big fat gypsy deading

Published by jamdog on 17th September, 2014.


Welcome to Glue and the rural shitpit that is Overton. Its proud inhabitants work the land, breed racehorses and have filthy desperate sex with each other. Farming, fillies and fucking are the lifeblood of the town. The Overton youth know how to have a good time as we see when farmer’s son James (Billy Howle) dives bollock naked into a grain silo. Such larks! All his pals join him there and before you can say Class A they are tripping balls like early Pink Floyd. Laughter as infectious as the STDs most of them are carrying rings out and joy and abandon are theirs as surely as an eternal slap in the mouth is Russell Brand’s. But before the night is out one of their number will be dead like a cunt and all will be changed, changed utterly.

Wannabe jockey Tina Fallon (Charlotte Spencer) is our immediate focus. She’s a reckless, feckless gal with fire in her heart and GTFO in her soul. She loves riding horses as much as she loves riding dick and that’s a lot. Getting the benefit of that is her borefriend Rob (Rizzle Kicks’s Jordan Stephens). He supplies her with cock and unsafe agricultural psychoactives that cause brain damage like you were sat next to Lindy West on a plane and found yourself ingesting her burrito farts for nine hours.

Tina was close to 14-year-old Romany boy Cal Bray before he was found murdered beneath the wheels of the tractor like some shitty art installation on farm health and safety. His brother Eli (Callum Turner) was less close but still seems pretty cut up about it. Local plod Ruth Rosen (Yasmin Paige) investigates the gypsies’ site and speakadee Romany foreign to the natives. They know this one – she’s paisan to them. “The slut’s daughter” is their extra-special name for her which I suppose is a step up from shite in a bucket. They are surly and uncooperative. This could take a while to crack.

Interesting one this. A heady mix of almost attractive teenagers, death, drugs and galloping thoroughbreds should hold your interest for the course. Charlotte Spencer has something of the night about her which is rarely a drawback. Don’t know about this dead piece of shit but I’m sure he had it coming.

The verdict: I re-caaaaaaall a gypsy woman. Apparently her mum was a bit of a goer.

Marks out of 10: 7.5


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