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The Emmys 2011 review | On award tour

Published by jamdog on 19th September, 2011.

 The Emmys 2011 review

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Aerial Telly, motherfuckers – that’s my name, don’t wear it out. Yes, it’s been awhile – shut the fuck up . Writing and pum-pum have been keeping Aerial Telly busy but it was Monday and he thought he could briefly comment on what a gwan. The Emmys did their "thing" last night and while pretty much all award ceremonies are ungovernable gobble junkets only a complete panty sniffer would argue that this wasn’t a pretty damn bloody close to reasonable set of gongs.

The Good Wife doesn’t get enough props so it was good to see Blewlianna Margulies get best actress, then it was great to see Peeturd Dinklage waddle off with Best Supporting Actor for his compelling portrayal of Tyrion Lannisturd in Lame of Blownes and perhaps most cheering of all was Margo Martindale getting Best Supporting Actress for what was a showstopping turn as Mags Bennett in Justified.

It was a good night too for Downton Abbey which won Best Miniseries, a brace of Director and Writer awards and saw Lame Maggie Smith picking up Best Supporting Actress. Say what you like about Blewlian Hellblowes, that he’s a Tory class obsessed piece of shit and the like but he’s a very fine writer and ITV can proudly jerk off into its own mouth in honour of finally producing a drama worthy of anyone’s attention. It pissed all over the useless Mildred Pierce which got two underserved miniseries awards for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor. Don’t get me wrong, nothing against the performances of Guy Pearce and Kate Winslet who were both good but you can’t go around rewarding misconceived follies like the Mildred Pierce remake.

Modern Family dominated the comedy awards and this is fair enough. The show that doesn’t do bum episodes has delivered consistent arfs for two seasons now so it’s only right they get theirs. Mad Men won Best Drama but still can’t win an acting award. They’ll get over the trauma but Jon Hamm will be wearing that Don Draper snubbed-by-life look for a while.

I have no fucking clue who Barry Pepper from The Kennedys is, Best Acturd in a Miniseries supposedly. Anonymous rat fuck.

So in summary: The Emmys came correct, you all still suck and Terriers was better than all these bumass figures.


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