Direct Line advert review

Direct Line advert review | Chris Addison

Published by jamdog on 6th August, 2013.

Direct Line advert review

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Direct Line really are the straightforward home insurance people. They’re not going to bog you down with “facts” about their “policies” preferring a radical “portraying our customers as idiots” approach when very nearly likeably thick people (Alexander Armstrong, Amelia Bullmore and Lorna Watson) misunderstand Direct Line adviser Chris Addison when he tries to explain the brilliant simplicity of their policies – policies so simple even dummies don’t understand them.

Bulmore plays a new-age dipshit, Armstrong plays a blowhard cock smoker, Watson a crazy dog lady. Such character flaws are not Direct Line’s fault. Over complicated policies from other home insurance companies have sent these three goons insane, seeing hidden charges and buried caveats where none exist and now it’s left for Direct Line to pick up the shattered pieces of their sanity and help them form a coherent picture of exactly how simple home insurance can be.

Bulmore is so obsessed with the feng shui in the room she can’t focus on Direct Line incredible 12 months for the price of nine offer. Armstrong can’t accept that accident recovery is standard on their car insurance – it’s just too good to be true! And Watson – well, she just can’t accept that she will ever need pet insurance because she never lets her dog walk.

Patronising? Monumentally but you have to give them credit for having the brass balls to take this line. They’ve taken a long hard look at their customer base, gone “woddyeloike?!” B*witched style and held a mirror up to the divs they have to deal with. You could totally empathise with them if you thought they had souls.

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