The Code episode six review

The Code BBC4 episode 6 review | Gaelle blows

Published by jamdog on 25th October, 2014.

 The Code BBC4 episode 6 review

BBC Four

With everything that’s gone on in The Code Ned and Jesse figure out that if they get the USB stick back they may at least reduce their sentences to something like 300 years, eligible for parole in 2225. They track down Niko Gaelle‘s shitbird tech student and grill him for info.

“Where are the files?” asks Ned.

“They’re in the -”

“Answer me!” Ned screams choking him unconscious. He hasn’t quite got the hang of this interrogation thing but at least they get the address Hani is being held at. The tension gets to the brothers and they have the world’s most pathetic fistfight. Well, second most pathetic after Borey Stinks vs Cornholeius Bumrage. In any case feelings are hurt and there will be consequences. Just not very big ones.

That Niko Gaelle is a slippery fuck – dipping, swerving and shaking his federal police tails. His luck runs out eventually though and government spooks drag him into his own lock-up and nick the USB stick off him as a hidden Ned watches. Gaelle is trash talking about a deal he had with Mason Cole but the only “DEAL” they’re interested in is the Deadening Excruciating And Lethal ¹ injection they stick in his toe. Ned laughs so hard he pukes. There’s nothing like the government-sponsored murder of a bad guy to make your day.

The only “DEAL” they’re interested in is the Deadening Excruciating And Lethal ¹ injection they stick in his toe.

There’s no hiding place for the political shitbirds either. Benson from Passturd blabs about Shayna‘s murder at the conference and the vultures of truth circle the carcass of Bad Government Things. Hani and Jesse hack Bradley‘s cuntputer network and record his weaselling as he delivers the Physanto paper trail right into their hands. It is sent to every networked printer in the government. That cat in the bag? Missing.

Some tidy GIF work later and Bradley is immortalised in a loop forever saying “who the fuck are these kids?” of the two chumps in  Lindara. Be fair, it’s pretty fucking cool. He should have known better than to try to demonise North Korea because that paradise takes some demonising.

The brothers make up. Jesse is going to put his cock in Hani again. And again and again. It really is a happy ending.
Except that IT guy Ned choked that has got a Lego stick, presumably with a copy of the files, presumably leading to nuclear holocaust or at the very least a second series.

This was all right you know.

The verdict: Pukelear arsenal.

Marks out of 10: 8

¹ Fuck you.

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