The Code BBC4 episode 4 review

The Code BBC4 episode 4 review | Uranium nights

Published by jamdog on 18th October, 2014.

 The Code BBC4 episode 4 review

BBC Four

Apart the Banks boys are a movable object but together they are a resistible force. Ned finds Jesse at a car park he made a cock of himself at and like the shit villains they are they return to the scene of the crime – specifically Jesse’s hit-and-run at the holiday retreat. They find a bloody mess that looks like Amanda Knox’s bathroom after Halloween. Fat Malc shows up with some grunts and they wisely choose to GTFO.

Over in Parliament Sophie is being shut down at work. Sticking her nose where it’s not wanted is not helping her career and senior political adviser Ian Bradley tells her that things get done in Australian Parliament because there are people willing to do what it takes. Bad things. Up the pipe, in the nose, over-the-counter. WHATEVER IT TAKES. That’ll teach her (it won’t).

Apart the Banks boys are a movable object but together they are a resistible force.

Speaking of women attracted to danger Hani starts asking questions of her parent’s magical origin story after Immigration come around to fuck with them. Lyndon shows Hani her parent’s file and it seems that they may possibly have sold out some friends ensuring their interrogation, torture and death to get passage to the penal colony. Honestly these days it’s like you can’t trust anyone in a conspiracy thriller.

No wonder Rain Boy Jesse can’t sleep in his cum stinking motel room. Insomnia turns out to be a blessing in disguise though as beating off to Trina Daniels photos gives Jesse an epiphany. The photo timestamps are the key to The Code. He decrypts the files and discovers Physanto were into laser enrichment of uranium – the holy grail of people who want cheap as fuck nuclear energy (i.e. everyone). No biggie, it only tips the global balance of power and changes the course of human history forever.

To celebrate he gets wrecked on Jack and lemonade. It turns out to be his undoing as he gets waylaid by a self-harmer called Carl who drops the nut on him and a beer mug on himself. Carl happens to be Dead Shayna‘s pops which makes me worry about HIS involvement in all this. Jesse’s being set up and is immediately arrested for his vicious non-attack on the bludger. Man, this cuntspiracy has tentacles everywhere.

Ian Bradley speaks candidly to Ned (it’s about time someone did). He offers a reduction to common assault to Jesse and to Ned the story of a lifetime on the Physanto scoop. Something tells me he’ll want editorial approval though.

In other news Clarence is still coughing like Bob Fleming and Ned gets a makeout with Number Three from Battlestar Galactica. Because you’d totally ditch Sophie for that. These people.

The verdict: Trina did not die in vain. She died in car.

Marks out of 10: 7.5

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