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Published by jamdog on 12th October, 2014.

The Code BBC4 episode 2 reviewBBC Four

When you’ve got a vulnerable youth on the autistic spectrum you want to torture there’s an eat-as-much-as-you-like buffet of options at your disposal. The AFP (Australian Federal Police) thugs fucking with Jesse choose Jefferson Starship. I’d have gone with The Libertines or any pub band from the English West Midlands but to each their own. Bound, hooded and naked Jesse’s finding it all a bit confusing. “I liked Jefferson Airplane but found the AOR stylings of the Jefferson Starship incarnation left me cold” he says “I don’t suppose you guys have any Fiona Apple? Guys…?”

It turns out they don’t but they do have something they want from him. Those Physanto files he stole. Morbidly obese tub of shit Malcolm Coover (Steve Rodgers), head of AFP’s Cyber Crime Unit, is his chief tormentor although Dean Carson (Lindsay Farris) isn’t much better. Jesse stands up way better under torture than that dickless piece of shit Mos Def and even pisses at his interrogators. Real G’s know. They let him go.

Jesse stands up way better under torture than that dickless piece of shit Mos Def and even pisses at his interrogators.

Back in the 24-hour party city that is Lindara Clarence is self-harming like a little bitch and compounds the problem by throwing himself into a reservoir in the worst suicide attempt since Paulson‘s missus stuck a hosepipe onto her exhaust that morning. He really is a three-flush turd and we can only hope he’ll keep on trying.

We learn that it was Physanto’s head of security Andy King (Paul Tassone) who launched Sheyna into the gorge and that he is now AWOL. Fat Malc sends his best man Lyndon Joyce (Dan Wyllie) on a mission to find him. Joyce is pals with King which will help him no end when he’s water boarding him for his lunch money when he catches up with him. King’s not returning his calls right now but he does get Clarence’s phone off Ned who gives it up like a little bitch after Joyce puts his arm around the shoulder. “Gay” says Ned nervously before handing over the motherload. Fucking good job he was never on the Watergate story.

King finds time to off some broad at Physanto he was fucking because she Knew Too Much. This is Australia where knowledge of any kind is frowned upon. That would go some way to explaining why Hani‘s secretly working for the AFP. They’ve got her over a barrel which is exactly how they like it. AFP stands for Asshat Fuckpig Paedos. ¹

The verdict: Extraordinary rendition.

Marks out of 10: 7.5

¹ [citation needed]

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