Chasing Shadows ITV episode 2 review.

Chasing Shadows ITV episode 2 review | The Bores’ Murders

Published by jamdog on 11th September, 2014.

 Chasing Shadows ITV episode 2 review

If you made it through Chasing Shadows‘ first episode then well done you but they are not done with you yet. Ruth recovers remarkably well from being brained by the killer but when all’s said and done teen heartthrob Taylor Davis is still missing. They’re searching for a killer who “befriends, abducts then kills unhappy teenagers” while calling himself Leanne on online suicide forums. Well no one’s perfect. Sean figures that Taylor is being held at another Griffith Doyle Construction shite and sets about finding it. Shite after shite after shite he searches. But the elusive Taylor is nowhere to be found.

On the plus side he does find that Chloe Amos whose mam was pissing in Ruth’s ear in the last episode so with a bit of luck we won’t have to see that dreary smackhead again. The Fort Focus that speeds off on Sean’s approach belongs to Servius Security a laughably so-called “security” company. It’s their young “security” guard John Meadows who’s been keeping Taylor in some disreputable shitpit but when the cops haul him in he’s saying nowt.

Chloe is not much use as a witness either although that’s possibly because she and John have got some Hindley and Brady thing going on with abducting and killing the missing teens together. Ruth and Sean discover this after following John on his way to a rendezvous with Chloe. “They are Leanne” says Sean “Both of them!” “Yeah, I got that Sherlock” says Ruth. There’s an unbearably tedious stand-off with Chloe’s knife to Taylor’s throat but with a swift uppercut to Chloe’s fanny Ruth frees her and the miscreants are apprehended, arrested and aerated.

This continues to suck pretty hard. A formal bollocking for Sean gives him an opportunity to shout at Ruth nonsensically in a depressingly contrived scene. It gets worse. He is in the fucking airing cupboard in full on Rain Man mode later talking to his Mind Your Language housekeeper. They clearly think that Sean is the star turn but while the building blocks of the story aren’t bad he is a fucking awful character, horribly written and Shearsmith is badly miscast.

In other blews DCI Pryor puts his cock in Ruth. Well I suppose someone has to.

The verdict: You’ve got to admire a Myra.

Marks out of 10: 5

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Chasing Shadows ITV episode 2
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