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Cinema Can Blow Me – Aerial Telly goes to the movies

Published by jamdog on 1st May, 2012.

 Cinema Can Blow Me

Cinema Can Blow Me

Aerial Telly goes to the movies



It’s no surprise that Aerial Telly, man made telly, television incarnate, begotten not made of one being with the telly is a huge movie buff. He watches more movies by accident than most cinema reviewers watch on purpose and it’s absolutely no surprise that his knowledge, appreciation and insight into the artform dwarfs that of those worthless swine calling themselves “film critics”. So it’s totally and categorically no surprise that he has put together a compendium of his movie reviews on Amazon Kindle for the laughably tokenistic “price” of 77p. It is called Cinema Can Blow Me and it will change what passes for your life. Once purchased it will appear like magic on your PC, laptop, iPad, smart phone, iPod Touch and give you the kind of once-in-a-lifetime reading experience that only despicably contrarian teeds would argue you “deserve”.

Yes, Aerial Telly’s publishing career has produced one smash hit after the next. He’s a man with only heavy artillery in his arsenal. He was born to kill – destruction is his passion, death his art. To play with him is to invoke a fury so primal and so hostile that that it even eclipses the fury Lauryn Shill feels every time her accountant’s number pops up on caller ID.

Aerial Telly forever, Leonardo DiCapreteen never.


American films

Blue Valentine

Gangs of New York

Gran Torino

Kill the Irishman

The Social Network

The Woman



The Wrestler


United 93


Rocky Balboa

Lars and the Real Girl


Hard Candy

Fahrenheit 911

The Departed

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button


Sherlock Holmes

The Bourne Ultimatum

Assault in the Ring

American Gangster

Two Days in Paris

28 Weeks Later


British films

Never Let Me Go

Fish Tank

The Last King Of Scotland

The Bank Job


The Damned United


In Bruges



The Descent

Man On Wire


Foreign films

Animal Kingdom

Ils (Them)



Pan’s Labyrinth


Lust, Caution

Let The Right One In


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