The Bridge series 2 episode 7 review

The Bridge series 2 episode 7 review | Oliver twists

Published by jamdog on 23rd January, 2014.

 The Bridge series 2 episode 7 review

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Previously on The Bridge: the corpses just keep piling up and the most recent seven are on a sunken boat. What shall we do with the sunken sailors? Try and build a case against their murderer I suppose.  Marcus Stenborg meets his blackmailer, a small-time scroteski called Ramon Bodski who doesn’t even recognise him. The man he knows as “Marcus Stenborg” is somebody quite different altogether. Ramon is fortunate to avoid a jail sentence, rather less fortunate to get the same syringe of doom Julian got in the same laboratory with the same Hazmat suit wearing goon looming over him. Speaking of goons it seems that Viktoria has a secret admirer. It’s her brother Oliver!  He jerks off over her in the bath via his clandestine blanket CCTV coverage of her gaffe. Awwwww. You guys. First we had matey filming his daughter then Saga  furiously fapping over her sleeping borefriend’s minute flaccid penis and now this freak with his sister. Sheesh kebab.

It’s her brother Oliver!  He jerks off over her in the bath via his clandestine blanket CCTV coverage of her gaffe. Awwwww. You guys.

Sabotage at Romstock Chemicals diverts the police but they catch a break when Laura remembers her attacker in her dream. Pops promises says he’ll phone the police immediately  with the info but drags his feet rather appallingly, a delay that leads to her abduction and the brutal slaying of two hospital workers. Laura picked a bad week to be Laura. Still, as long as dad got some more home movie material for his wank bank that’s the main thing.

Things are definitely looking up for Martin who continues to kill Jens with kindness. It’s really rattling his old buddy which pleases him no end. He’s making progress on the case too. The breast implant on the sunken ship belonged to Karen Miller, a porno person. The Feds find a clinical trial payment to Medisonus in her particulars. Big Pharma! Woddyeloike??

Bodie gets cracking with the Victoria interviews but faces a terribly awkward conversation with Caroline who confronts her with her knowledge that Bodie was banging her husbland. Excommunication swiftly follows. Caroline had Dharma pull the same magic undeleting trick from before on Alexander’s phone and the painful truth was revealed. What happened to sisters before misters? So much for the Dharma initiative! ¹

The verdict:  Croquet lawns, village greens. Victoria was my queen. Also, my sister – is that weird?

Marks out of 10: 8

¹ Fuck you.

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