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Big Brother 2008 – It’s a Wonderful Life

Published by jamdog on 20th June, 2008.

Big Brother 2008 - review

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Tonight was the night Davina interviewed the hateful Alexandra after her 100% deserved ejection from the house for persistent threatening behaviour. The horrific praying mantis looking shitbag showed all the self insight you expect from someone who threatened housemates with her gangster friends on live TV and expected to get away with it. When shown the footage she responded “well, that’s the epiphany of editing”. Yes, I suppose it is. You thick, thick twunt.

An interesting point arrived in the interview when Davina announced that she was going to show Alex how her behaviour had effected the other people in the house. Alex watched blankly as footage showed the misery and angst she spread wherever she went. This was like a reverse It’s a Wonderful Life, Davina in black as a dark Clarence, with Alex being shown once and for all what a poisonous atrocity she is and that she would indisputably be better off dead. This was an important public service but of course it washed right over the turd sat opposite Davina. It was all taken out of context, these killings were obviously ironic, peel dem mans etc,.

It makes me wonder – does this fucknut have a job to go back to now? Apart from dating footballers and selling stories to Heat magazine?

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