Bargain Booze Christmas advert 2013

Bargain Booze Christmas Advert review

Published by jamdog on 21st December, 2013.


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Never let it be said that Bargain Booze don’t know their demographic. Their loyal fan base of unpretentious boozehounds have made them the U.K.’s largest off-licence chain after Thresher‘s self-turded. Their Christmas advert this year promises each customer a free Scotch egg while lampooning Ferrero Rocher‘s Ambassador campaign.

Been done before? Many times but there’s something about the inclusion of complimentary Scotch eggs which makes this particularly funny. Not for Bargain Booze the fetishisation of alcohol by real ale bores, wine snobs or whiskey teeds. They see their product for what it is: a poison that tastes like shit and is made only marginally less shit by the addition of sugary mixers. Price is the only thing of consequence that delineates beer, wines and spirits. It is savagery or sophistry to suggest otherwise.

Aerial Telly is pretty much teetotal most of the time. Only Christmas and house parties get him off the wagon and, yes, while off it he drinks like an Irishman. But he accurately sees off-licences as filthy drug dealers.  Bargain Booze do too and for this they should be commended.

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Bargain Booze Christmas Advert 2013
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