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  • When Aerial Telly routed every other living TV critic in the My Lai massacre style cleansing of 2003 the blood that spilled from their worthless veins anointed a new and everlasting covenant between writer and reader. Referred to as The Event by the surviving craven mongrels masquerading as television writers who crouched howling at idols fashioned from their own shit, praying for deliverance, Aerial Telly's entrance onto the scene changed both television and criticism forever.

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  • He is the greatest television critic in history – a fact only doubted by fevered consumptives and the mentally ill. Distilling the truth about every show he turns his gaze upon into a 200% proof moonshine shot of clarity, his comprehension is exceptional, his arguments impregnable – he's just ferocious, he wants your heart.

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  • He's a warrior from the old school, a true G. Most of his enemies lie dead in barren lands, their skeletons bleached white as a Scottish girl's arse by the pitiless sun. The remainder live crippled by debt, fear or hairy palms.
    He has written for The Guardian, Vanity Fair Italia, Arena, House, Project, Industria, Bet Exchange News, Unibet, Playlouder, Flipside, Mixmag and Knowledge. He writes about music, television, boxing, cinema and all aspects of popular culture.

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